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Regardless of your financial status, The Mortgage Shop, LLC will assist you in finding the ideal financing for your long-term, short-term, or holiday investment property. We do more than simply lend money, we also assist you in accumulating wealth for future generations.

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Your next real estate investment should start with a clear head. You want to move into the ideal property at the ideal moment without stressing over your ability to obtain a mortgage loan. Does the time-consuming procedure of submitting several applications to various lenders seem exhausting? Another option exists.

It might be challenging to know where to seek a mortgage when there are so many financial organizations available. Brokers who specialize in investment mortgages provide loans made with investors in mind. With low mortgage insurance costs, a little down payment, and moderate broker costs, you may now get the loan balance you need.

Start your investment the way you intend to maintain it and select a hassle-free, fully supported loan experience with innovative options that will advance you.

FHA Loans in Florida

The FHA program allows you to purchase a house with only 3.5% down with no geographical restrictions, unlike the USDA’s $0 down program. We can work with you to finance a house even with a credit report as low as 600! This scheme permits verifiable donations for a deposit as well as co-borrowers who are not the primary homeowners.

What Amount Am I Eligible For?

We have more latitude with the FHA program when it comes to debt-to-income ratios. You might be able to get more than you might with traditional finance. Everything depends on the conclusions drawn from the automated underwriting. To learn more, give us a call.

Conventional Loans in Florida

For first-time homebuyers in Florida, conventional loans allow as little as a 3% down payment. For everyone else, a 5% deposit is required. You won’t require private mortgage insurance, or PMI if you intend to put 20% down. Your required down payment for a second house is 10%, and for a financial asset, it is 20%.

The benefit of traditional financing is that not only will your interest rate be reduced if your credit score is greater, but so will your private mortgage insurance! Mortgage insurance for FHA loans is always 85%. With conventional finance, your PMI rate will be lowered the more you put aside and the better your credit is. PMI is gone with a 20% down payment.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

By creating a supplementary financial industry for private loans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac increased the amount of money available for individuals to acquire a conventional loan. In order to increase access to finance, the two government-sponsored firms buy mortgage loans from local banks or credit unions and back them on the credit market.

Homeownership finance difficulties were resolved thanks to better mortgage terms and more accessibility, and more individuals felt empowered to join the real estate industry. The bulk of loans in the American mortgage market today are conventional loans. As we’ll explain, conventional loans come in a wide range of varieties, some of which adhere to Fannie and Freddie guidelines and others that do not.

VA Loans in Florida

Veterans can take advantage of a benefit provided by the VA that permits them to purchase a house with no down payment and no ongoing mortgage insurance. A financing fee of 2.15% for initial use and 3.3% for subsequent use is charged upfront. We also provide second-tier financing, which enables veterans to spend their VA benefits on a vacation home when it is obvious that the new dwelling will serve as their principal residence.

What Is My VA Benefit Use?

Although we will walk you through the procedure, you must have your DD-214 available so that we may get your eligibility certificate. Hiring a VA finance expert is essential since there are a few peculiarities to this program that must be handled correctly in order for your transaction to run smoothly.

DSCR Loans

Instead of the personal income requirements that most lenders utilize, the DSCR mortgage program enables you to acquire your loan using rental revenue projections for the prospective property. That’s right, a borrower’s capacity to make mortgage payments in advance is no longer restricted to the earnings from their regular employment.

One way to achieve it is through debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) loans. A DSCR loan can assist you in expanding your market diversification or in building a real estate portfolio, regardless of your level of experience with property investment.

USDA Loans

Many Floridians may purchase homes with no money down thanks to the USDA rural development program. With scores as modest as 620, thousands of students are benefiting from this incredible offer.

You must have a household income of less than $74,500 for a household of four in order to use a lender that offers loans via the USDA Guaranteed program. The cap is around $98,000 if your home has 5 or more people. There are deductions, so contact or visit the website to find out more about USDA loans if your income is near that amount.

Find the right mortgage lender, FL

By providing you with customized solutions that complement your financial condition and investment objectives, the proper mortgage brokers can save you money and time while helping you locate the ideal mortgage. You may prevent the frustration of not acquiring the home you want by selecting the correct Florida mortgage broker, which can save you both money and valuable time.

Even financially sound investors may struggle to obtain a home equity loan or FHA and VA loan for their next investment since there are so many lenders. However, you may not need to pass on your ideal real estate investment.

Our products at The Mortgage Shop, LLC are designed with real estate investors in mind and focus on investment mortgages. Our team of professionals will identify the best credit loan options for your needs, whether you’re searching for short-term and holiday rentals, long-term rental properties, or a real estate property investment with up to four units, we may be able to assist.

The Mortgage Shop

We are fast becoming America’s one-stop destination for investors looking for a mortgage lender credit loan in a straightforward manner.

For more than 15 years, The Mortgage Shop, LLC has assisted investors in overcoming the obstacles to traditional mortgage qualifications so they may enter their next transaction faster. We offer the ideal mortgage for your needs, whether you’re searching for long-term rentals, multifamily homes with as many as four units, or short-term or holiday rentals.

Your mortgage loan request may not be approved by conventional conforming banks based only on your rental or self-employment income. The Mortgage Shop, LLC takes your next piece of real estate’s exciting financial potential into account in addition to these variables. We do this to make sure you can accumulate riches for future generations.

The greatest service in the market is provided by our qualified professionals. We are dedicated to providing assistance and full support with all of your 1031 Exchange inquiries and assisting you in assessing the cash flow of your new property. Now that you’ve discovered us, you’ve discovered the finest mortgage broker in Florida.

Why Choose The Mortgage Shop

We Work Accurately.

Our mortgage loan originators have more than 15 years of expertise, so they are fully aware of the ins and outs of the short-term rental market, the cash flow of a property, and the specifics of cash on cash returns. The top American lender underwriters are qualified to assist you.

We are aware of the requirements.

We not only fully comprehend the demands of investors who are building their fortune through real estate, but we also have an in-depth understanding of the workings of financial institutions. The Mortgage Shop, LLC is a mortgage provider created especially to support you in realizing your goals.

We Provide The Best Results.

You don’t need to be concerned that you will lose out on your ideal investments because your loan application was denied. For investors in real estate who need a home loan tailored to their requirements, we provide the greatest outcomes.

FAQs for Mortgage Broker

Yes, foreigners can secure a mortgage in Florida, with several lenders offering foreign national mortgage programs. These programs often require a larger down payment, usually around 30-50% of the home’s purchase price. 

When looking to navigate this process, finding a mortgage broker in Florida with experience in foreign national mortgages can be invaluable for guiding you through the application and approval process.

To obtain a mortgage in Florida, applicants need to provide proof of stable income, a good credit score, and a down payment. The requirements can vary by loan type and lender. For foreigners, additional documentation such as a foreign passport and possibly an ITIN for those without a Social Security Number will be necessary. Consulting with a Florida mortgage broker near you can help clarify these requirements based on your specific situation.

The required deposit for a mortgage in Florida varies widely. For domestic buyers, it can be as low as 3% for some loan programs. However, for foreign nationals, the deposit requirement is often higher, ranging from 30-50%. A Florida mortgage broker can guide how much you’ll need to save for a deposit based on the type of mortgage you’re considering.

Yes, it is possible to secure a U.S. mortgage using foreign income. Lenders will require comprehensive documentation to verify your income from abroad. For those unfamiliar with the process, it’s advisable to hire a Florida mortgage broker who has experience working with foreign income to streamline the mortgage application process.

The timeline to secure a mortgage in Florida can range from 30 to 60 days, depending on various factors including the type of mortgage and the lender’s requirements. For foreign nationals, this process may take longer due to the need for additional documentation. 

A Florida mortgage broker can help expedite this process by ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and promptly.

The credit score needed to buy a house in Florida varies by lender and loan type, typically starting around 620 for most conventional loans. For foreign nationals without a U.S. credit history, lenders may consider non-traditional credit reports, including payment histories with utility companies and landlords. Engaging a Florida mortgage broker experienced in working with foreign buyers can help navigate these requirements.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage in Florida involves submitting a detailed application that includes income verification, credit checks, and other financial documentation. For foreign buyers or those with unique circumstances, working with a Florida mortgage broker can simplify the pre-approval process, offering advice and assistance tailored to your specific needs.