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Do you want financing for your long-term, short-term, or vacation investment? Are you ready to start building long-term rental wealth today? The loan specialists of The Mortgage Shop, LLC, will guide you throughout the mortgage process, tailored to your goals, needs, and financial circumstances.

Your Trusted North Carolina Broker

Obtaining rental property financing shouldn’t be a stressful, exhausting ordeal. When you see that perfect investment property, you want results! You don’t want to wait around, wasting time with endless paperwork, struggling to meet standards, and missing out on passive income. 

With our seasoned mortgage broker in North Carolina, you get the precise professional mortgage product you want.

Your Trusted North Carolina Broker
Trusted North Carolina Broker
Customized Mortgage Solutions

Customized Mortgage Solutions

As you set your eyes on that investment property, a million thoughts are running through your head. What kind of rentals qualify? What are the income standards? How complicated is the underwriting? Are the loan amounts and terms pragmatic? What about insurance, down payments, and brokerage fees?

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We are the mortgage broker North Carolina borrowers turn to first. Your process will be smooth, easy, and even enjoyable! Need options for any situation or circumstance? 

Our specialists have you covered. Whenever you need a “mortgage broker near me,” we’re here to assist.

FHA Loans In North Carolina

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) program requires a mere 3.5% down payment if your credit score is 580 or higher. With this government-backed mortgage, you also enjoy interest rates lower than those of conventional mortgages. 

You can even qualify with a credit score as low as 500 if you make a 10% down payment. 

What Amount Am I Eligible For?

Are you set on a premier vacation spot where you know the rental rates will be great for passive income? Then there’s good news. In 2023, you may borrow up to $472,030 in most counties for single-family houses. In tourist destinations like the Outer Banks, you can get as much as $805,000! 

Given your credit scores, income, and other unique circumstances, are you unsure about potential financing?

FHA Loans In North Carolina
Conventional Loans In North Carolina

Conventional Loans In North Carolina

When you seek to diversify your portfolio through strategic property investments in hot markets, consider the conventional loan. Our professionals can make it simple. However, some brokers fail to get you the right mortgage product for your rental goals and financial credentials. In the end, you waste time, going through countless hoops and hurdles, only to find that the loan doesn’t make sense for you.

When you work with our North Carolina mortgage broker, we can determine immediately if the conventional mortgage qualification standards are right for you, and if they are, we can get you well on your way to securing that much-needed financing.

Conventional Mortgage Standards

  • A minimum credit score of 620
  • Debt-to-income ratio (DTI) of 43% or less
  • Down payment of 3% or more 
  • Required private mortgage insurance (PMI) on down payments under 20%

Hassle-Free Financing How You Need It

You probably think of ‘conforming’ loans when you hear of conventional mortgages, but in reality, so-called non-conforming loans like jumbo loans may also be considered conventional. Generally, conforming loans meet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, whereas non-conforming mortgages do not and may have higher interest rates while allowing you to avoid traditional financial standards. 

For instance, portfolio loans are a form of non-traditional financing not backed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae or the government. These customized loan products may be perfect if you don’t meet the typical income standard or will be paying off your mortgage through rental income. 

Confused by the jargon or want to explore more creative options? Schedule a call with our leading mortgage broker in North Carolina.

VA Loans In North Carolina

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognizes veterans’ service and is ready to reward that service. If you served or are the surviving spouse of someone who did, you may be eligible for VA loans. The benefits of these loans are numerous and can help you acquire that perfect property that you plan on repurposing as a vacation rental investment.

Our specialized brokers will help you obtain and utilize your VA benefits as you see fit.  

What Are My VA North Carolina Benefits?

In North Carolina, you can obtain VA loans reaching $726,200 in most counties, with some exceeding $1,000,000 for single-family homes in locations with high property values. 

The benefits of VA loans in North Carolina are noteworthy and include:

  • ZERO Down Payment 
  • ZERO Insurance Premiums or PMI
  • Reduced Interest Rates 
  • Reduced Closing Costs 
  • ZERO Prepayment Penalties 
  • Reusable With Remaining Entitlements
  • Creative, Flexible Financing Options


VA Loans In North Carolina
USDA Loans in North Carolina

USDA Loans

Other North Carolinians can afford homes with zero down payments due to the various loan programs under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The income cutoffs for qualifying are based on the total of all incomes of every household member older than 18 years old. This gross household income amount cannot equal or exceed 115% of the median income in the county in question.

Some of these criteria can get tricky, so be sure to reach out to our experts. 

DSCR Loans in North Carolina

DSCR Loans

Are you worried that you won’t meet the standard income verification requirements? Do your tax forms not reflect your finances in typical ways due to rental cash flow or self-employment? Tired of dealing with the same old stringent criteria and requirements?

With a Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan, you can secure a mortgage based on the expected rental income of your investment property, and not your personal income. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your ability (or inability) to make mortgage payments based on your day job. 

With DSCR loans, it’s all based on your net operating income and debt obligations.

Interested in learning more? 

Find The Best Mortgage Broker In North Carolina

Your time is precious. With markets fluctuating, interest rates changing, and economic predictions uncertain, you need to act when the time is right. If you’re struggling to secure financing that makes sense, or don’t know what financing makes sense for your situation, our specialists are happy to assist.

We’re living in complex financial times, and even seasoned rental property investors may be uncertain, wondering who to trust and where to turn.

At The Mortgage Shop, LLC, we understand the challenges of modern investment property financing, so we provide a whole range of tailored, specialized mortgage products. Our team of professionals is committed to finding the solution best for you.

Find The Best Mortgage Broker In North Carolina

The Mortgage Shop

We’ve worked with thousands of investors, with purchase prices exceeding $3 million and loan-to-value (LTV) ratios up to 96.5%!


For almost two decades, The Mortgage Shop, LLC, has been a leader in East Coast mortgages. We look beyond conventional requirements and factors to provide you with the perfect financing for that short-term, long-term, or vacation investment property of your dreams. 

This isn’t about lending money. It’s about changing lives.

When you crave a thriving vacation market, beautiful scenery, and one-of-a-kind lifestyles, North Carolina is the place to be. Are you looking for fair interest rates, low down payments, sensible homeowner’s insurance, and competitive origination fees? 

Do you want to create lasting wealth, predictable income, and financial freedom?

Our services and products are second-to-none. 

Why Choose The Mortgage Shop?

Why Choose The Mortgage Shop In North Carolina

Precision and Accuracy

With over 15 years of experience in the best rental markets, our mortgage loan originators have truly seen it all. They deeply understand the intricacies of investment property financing, cash flow, and market trends. We have some of the top loan underwriters anywhere in America.

Why You Should to Choose The Mortgage Shop

No Corners Cut

At The Mortgage Shop, LLC, we never cut corners or take shortcuts. We know the process as well as anyone and make it seamless from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about lengthy delays, errors, mistakes, or dishonest practices. 


Unmatched Results

We are the premier mortgage broker in North Carolina for one reason: we get results

Let’s face it: your investment is your baby. You want to nurture it and watch it grow. You want to see it flourish and mature. With a good vacation, short-term, or long-term rental, you can generate robust profits for the rest of your life! You can even expand your rental business and create truly generational wealth.

This is why we intimately understand the importance of your property and help you secure financing that suits your goals perfectly.

You won’t lose sleep over financial details, application criteria, or mortgage terms and conditions. 

A mortgage broker serves as a mediator, facilitating the connection between mortgage borrowers and lenders without utilizing personal funds to initiate mortgages. Their primary responsibility involves assisting borrowers in finding suitable lenders, actively seeking the most favorable lending options based on the borrower’s financial circumstances and interest rate preferences.

A mortgage broker proves invaluable in guiding you through the entire process of locating and applying for a mortgage, ensuring you secure the most favorable deal tailored to your specific circumstances. Their assistance encompasses evaluating your financial situation and recommending the most appropriate mortgage options to meet your needs.

The Qualifying Broker must hold an active North Carolina Real Estate Broker License and, depending on the business structure, should function as a corporate officer for a corporation, a general partner for a partnership, or a manager for a limited liability company.

The average monthly mortgage payment in North Carolina stands at $1,122 for homeowners. This constitutes approximately 18% of the average household income, which is $6,146. The median home price in the state is $189,900, with residents typically paying an annual property tax of around $1,833.