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As you look ahead, your mind churns. Although you know you want to invest in short-term, long-term, and vacation properties, where do you begin? How do you find financing that makes sense, especially with inflation hitting hard? 

From high-interest rates to repayment schedules, down payments, closing costs, and financial requirements, your concerns are our concerns. With the best mortgage broker in Ohio at your side, your investment dreams become a reality!

You Deserve The Best Ohio Mortgage Lender
Best Ohio Mortgage Lender
Loans on Your Terms in Ohio

Loans on Your Terms

You’ll often hear about so-called loan terms, but what you really want are loans on your terms. Are you seeking shorter durations for a quicker payoff? How about mortgages based on your projected rental profits and not your personal income statements? Do you prefer more risk upfront or loans that are easy to refinance if the economy improves?

Then you’re in luck. While other property investors may struggle to obtain ideal financing, you can stride ahead confidently and profitably. Consult the mortgage broker Ohio borrowers trust most. 

From quick pre-approval to easy background verification, underwriting, and closing, you deserve a smooth process. Fortunately, our experienced mortgage brokers are among the best in the country. Find the perfect financing product with ideal terms and closing costs today.

FHA Loans In Ohio

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) program is ideal for prospective property owners who can’t meet traditional criteria and who need a helping hand. Thanks to down payment amounts and credit score requirements as low as 3.5% and 500, respectively, you can obtain financing even when money is sparse. 

Are you interested in exploring potential FHA loans? Contact our mortgage experts about your eligibility and mortgage options.

Can I Use FHA Loans for Rental Properties?

So this is where it gets tricky. You might have heard that FHA loans can only finance a primary residence, but did you know there are critical exceptions? For instance, you can use FHA loans to acquire multifamily units and then live in one while renting out the others. You can also convert a property for rental income if you’ve lived there for a year and need to relocate. 

Confused or unsure about how to make the most of FHA loans for your situation?

FHA Loans In Ohio
Securing Conventional Ohio Mortgages

Securing Conventional Ohio Mortgages

Unlike with FHA loans, you can usually enjoy lower costs, more flexibility, and zero loan limits with conventional mortgages. These non-government-insured loans also help you avoid upfront mortgage insurance. 

FHA loans, by comparison, require an upfront mortgage insurance premium of 1.75% of the loan amount. Moreover, you don’t have property type restrictions with conventional mortgages. You can finance any short-term, long-term, or vacation investment property you want!

By using the professional services of our Ohio mortgage broker, you can’t go wrong. Our mortgage brokers will assess your credit score, debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, down payment ability, income eligibility, and everything else to determine the loan right for you.

Unique Mortgage Brokers. Unique Loan Products.

You shouldn’t struggle to obtain financing because you don’t meet the usual standards of conventional mortgages. In today’s economy, financial challenges are understandable. You may be working atypical jobs, earning alternative incomes, or having difficulty meeting the usual economic benchmarks. 

When you want to invest but don’t know how to get financing, our experts can help. 

Enjoy more lenient credit score requirements, lower down payments, less documentation, and more flexible DTI ratios. With our unique mortgage services and products, you can obtain alternative financing perfectly suited to your needs. 

Are you a prospective short-term, long-term, or vacation rental owner? Learn more about our investor cash flow loan and forgo personal income requirements!

VA Loans For Ohio Veterans

Did you or your deceased spouse serve? Have you dedicated yourself to the military, putting your life on the line to defend our freedoms? If so, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) might have the perfect loan for your needs.

Did you know you can use a VA loan to buy a single-family home and rent out part of the property? Or purchase properties with one to four units and use them as rental income?

Your Ohio VA Loan Options

In Ohio, veterans without full VA loan entitlement can borrow up to $726,200 in VA loans.

VA loans are helpful for various reasons:

  • No Down Payment 
  • No Insurance Premiums or PMI
  • Lower Interest 
  • Lower Closing Fees
  • No Prepayment Fees
  • Entitlement Reusability
  • Flexible Financing


USDA Loans

Another government-backed mortgage, USDA loans provide some of the lowest interest rates out there. These rural-property mortgages come with specific cutoffs based on gross household income. Your ability to qualify varies based on financial information and the median income in the county where the property is located.

Although you cannot generally use USDA financing for investment properties, you can still secure a USDA mortgage for a property that has income-producing aspects.

Avoid Income Hassles With DSCR Loans

Not everyone earns a traditional income or works a standard 9-5 job. Some of us have more complicated tax returns or make a living through various alternative revenue sources. If you’re self-employed, a rental property investor, or don’t ‘show’ your income the typical way, you might struggle to obtain financing.

With a Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan, these worries disappear. Our specialists will evaluate your situation and broker the best loan deal for your financial credentials. A DSCR mortgage allows you to finance your property based on projected investment income, irrespective of your personal income statements. 

By comparing your investment property’s net operating income (NOI) to its debt obligation, you can quickly and painlessly get approved for a mortgage.

See if DSCR loans may be right for you.

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Your leading Ohio mortgage broker is a phone call away. At The Mortgage Shop, LLC, you aren’t just a means to an end. For us, this isn’t about securing a broker’s commission; it’s about securing trust. As interest levels spike and fall and socioeconomic indicators go topsy-turvy, you want a brokerage firm you can rely on. 

You want stability and predictability. But most of all, you want mortgage options that are sound, enduring, and tailored to your precise needs. 

We aim to provide premier mortgage products, from full-doc loans to second-home loans, bank statement loans, and everything in between. Our offerings are formulated for you. We know that as time passes and you build wealth, you’ll be back to work with us again. 

And when that time inevitably comes, we’ll be ready to help.

Mortgage Lenders Who Understand

Your one-stop shop for mortgages is leading the country in short-term, long-term, and vacation rental property loans.

With more than 15 years of experience, The Mortgage Shop has assisted thousands of investors just like you. No matter your investment objectives, financial circumstances, or personal challenges, you can trust us to get you toward your goals faster.

Financing Your Future One Mortgage Solution At A Time.

Don’t just obtain financing for an investment property. Secure a mortgage that can set you up for life. Build equity, grow your passive income, and take advantage of the massive wealth opportunities you’ve always dreamed of.

Our first-rate services make it possible.

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Why Choose The Mortgage Shop? Simple Proccess

Seamless Process

You deserve a mortgage lender that has brokered mortgage products of all varieties across the full range of markets, clients, and conditions. At The Mortgage Shop, LLC, we can customize our offerings to your exact goals, streamlining the challenges of applying, documenting, underwriting, approving, and closing.

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Honesty and Transparency

What you see is what you get. Our specialists are fully licensed and registered, and never fail to disclose the details of fees, commissions, closing costs, and more. You will never be blindsided, surprised, deceived, or misled.

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Fine-Tuned Results

When you need a mortgage that you can’t secure through other firms, we are your trusted one-stop shop.

Using our Ohio mortgage broker, you can quickly get to what matters most: capitalizing on your investment! 

There’s no need to lose sleep, time, or money trying in vain to obtain financing with less-than-reputable mortgage brokers. 

Are you ready to boost your future through top property investments?

Schedule a consultation, and our mortgage brokers will easily guide you through the whole process. Your lucrative rental income future starts today with The Mortgage Shop’s premier experts.