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A trusted mortgage broker in Tennessee is more than someone who can get you financing. Our loan specialists are team players who recognize your struggle and understand your unique situation. As America’s Premier Brokerage Firm, we love Tennessee investments as much as you do!

From tree-shrouded lodges near Knoxville to the Southern fare of Memphis and the Civil War relics of Chattanooga, the destinations of Tennessee are red hot for tourist activity.

We’ll help you capitalize on this vacation rental goldmine quickly. All mortgage products are packaged and tailored to your financial and lifestyle needs. Expect competitive interest rates, insurance premiums, down payments, and monthly amounts.

We’ll crunch the vital numbers so you don’t have to. Our customized offerings can help investors and home buyers with economic difficulty, exceptional circumstances, and more.

Financial Flexibility

The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) permits you to finance as many as ten residential properties, not including commercial properties. Of course, many borrowers are hesitant. With the Fed attempting to curb inflation, interest rates have risen. Fortunately, our brokers understand the market and provide a home loan that makes financial sense. Technically, you can have a debt-to-income (DTI) ratio as high as 50%.

FHA Loans In Tennessee

Unlike conventional loans, FHA loans are offered by The Federal Housing Administration and insured by the government. With an FHA loan, you can make a 3.5% down payment if your credit score is at least 580. Scores of 500 to 579 require a 10% down payment. Even if your credit history is poor, we can help you secure a loan. 

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Conventional Loans in Tennessee

Non-government-insured loans, or conventional home loans, are ideal for first-time home buyers in Tennessee. You can get a conventional loan for as low as a 3% down payment and 5% if you’re not a first-time buyer. If you elect to put down 20% or more, you can remove private mortgage insurance (PMI). The higher your credit rating, the better. A score above 700 garners attractive down payment amounts and rates.

If you’re considering a Tennessee home loan for your rental or residence or want to explore refinancing options, consult our team.

Obtaining Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae Loans

Government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac receive backing from the federal government but are not part of the federal government. This means Fannie and Freddie purchase mortgages from various banks, credit unions, and financial entities. Usually, the original lender still services the loan after the mortgage sale.

Although the minimum FICO credit score is 620, higher scores make the process smoother. The lower your credit score, the bigger the down payment required. Fannie and Freddie only purchase and sell conforming loans, while private lenders can deal in both conforming and non-conforming.

The Fannie and Freddie loan limit is $726,200 in 2023, but varies by state. In Tennessee, the 2023 limits extend to $890,100 for one-unit properties in high-cost counties and $1,139,500 for two-unit properties in high-cost counties.

Tennessee VA Loans

When it comes to a home loan, Tennessee veterans have many options. If you meet the minimum active-duty requirement and have a Certificate of Eligibility, you can benefit significantly from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There is no limit on how much you borrow, but the VA does limit how much it will guarantee to pay your lender should you default.

With a VA loan, you may enjoy no down payment, no private mortgage insurance, no mortgage insurance premiums, and improved rates and terms. There are also no penalty fees and fewer closing costs.

If you’re a veteran who served, we’re happy to serve you! We’ll help you sort out all the paperwork and criteria.

DSCR Tennessee Loans

If you seek to purchase or refinance a vacation rental investment, consider a debt-to-service coverage ratio (DSCR) mortgage. The DSCR home loan is ideal for investment properties that generate cash flow. As a property investor in Tennessee, your tax forms will look different than the average taxpayer’s. You may struggle to meet specific personal income standards for traditional loans.

The experts at The Mortgage Shop can help!

By calculating your DSCR, you can show that you have a healthy ratio of net operating income to total debts owed. This predictable rental income shows that you can afford your mortgage payments. DSCR loans are good alternatives for investors, and we’re happy to offer them.

USDA Loans

Are you wondering if you qualify for this rural property mortgage program? As a leading mortgage broker in Tennessee, we understand the appeal of low rates and zero down payments. In Tennessee, the income limit for a one-to-four-person household is roughly $108,450 annually, reaching $143,150 for households of five or more.

Contact us about securing a USDA loan.

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Borrowers vary in goals, needs, and circumstances. 

If you’re a savvy investor with experience, we’ll get you in the lightning lane to pre-approval. No consultation call is necessary. Just answer a few questions, and we’ll send the application.

Are you a little more uncertain or unfamiliar? Have pressing questions? We offer a FREE Mortgage Prep Course to get your feet wet.

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At The Mortgage Shop, LLC, we customize our loans for every borrower. Whether you want a Nashville vacation rental, a cabin in Pigeon Forge, or a principal residence in Gatlinburg, we’re here to make it happen.

The Mortgage Shop

Our first-rate industry services cross states and boundaries, helping you to capitalize on the best markets of interest. From esteemed 4-unit properties to irresistible holiday escapes, the homes you crave are just a mortgage away.

With over 15 years of expertise and over 20 dedicated team members, The Mortgage Shop is your number one stop for the best mortgage products in Tennessee.

Convenient Home Loans Structured To Your Needs.

We offer a full array of trusted mortgage products. Our second home loans, for example, come with up to nearly 90% loan-to-value (LTV). Meanwhile, our DSCR loans, bank statement loans, and full doc loans, provide numerous financing structures. Sometimes, you don’t need to show any personal income or employment!

Whether you have impressive income documentation or struggle to meet standard financial requirements, you have options at The Mortgage Shop, LLC. 

As of February 2023, Tennessee home prices were 3.4% above those at the same time last year. With a median home price of $353,900 and roughly 24% fewer homes sold than in February 2022, the Tennessee market presents unique challenges to buyers and investors.

Our experts understand these fluctuations and market trends better than most and can help you secure a loan that makes financial sense!

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As a leading mortgage broker in Tennessee, we recognize that loans are just the beginning. You want to make the most of your money, turning your investment property into a lucrative dream. With strong, stable cash flow, you can grow wealth and unlock the financial freedom you crave. 

Our goal is to help you achieve this.

Tailored Products

No one size fits all, and our mortgage specialists see this every single day. We’ll precisely analyze your situation, refine your options, and provide a customized loan package that meets your specifications. Our market insights and deep-data determinations make us your trusted mortgage broker for the perfect loan.

Personal Commitment

We don’t just sell loans; we sell lifestyles. Our personalized approach allows us to truly understand your needs and desires. You’re not just a number. When you consult with us, we listen. Your dreams are our first and foremost priority.

At The Mortgage Shop, our Tennessee home and investment loan specialists are keen to provide the best financing possible. Don’t miss out on your perfect property. Begin your journey. 

FAQs for Mortgage Broker

The primary distinction between a mortgage broker and a mortgage agent lies in their roles and responsibilities within the mortgage industry. Mortgage agents focus on working directly with lenders to secure loans for clients, representing a range of lenders, including banks, credit unions, and private lenders. 

Their goal is to find the best mortgage products for their clients. Mortgage brokers, in contrast, operate independently or own brokerage firms and have completed additional certifications. They have the authority to oversee mortgage agents and act as compliance officers within their brokerage, with access to a broader range of lenders and products. 

Engaging a Tennessee mortgage broker can provide access to a wider array of mortgage options compared to what a single agent might be able to offer.

Obtaining a mortgage loan in Tennessee involves assessing your financial health, including your credit score, income, and debt-to-income ratio. You can either approach banks and credit unions directly or find a mortgage broker in Tennessee who can present you with a variety of lending options. 

A mortgage broker can assist you in navigating through different mortgage products from various lenders to find the best rates and terms suited to your financial situation. It’s crucial to compare offers and fully understand all associated costs before committing.

Utilizing the services of a mortgage broker can be beneficial if you seek personalized advice and access to an extensive selection of mortgage products. Mortgage brokers are experts in the field with extensive lender networks, enabling them to secure deals that may not be directly available to consumers. 

Their market knowledge can also aid in negotiating better terms. Although brokers are usually compensated through commissions by the lender, it’s vital to assess the broker’s value in your mortgage search relative to their fee. When you hire a Tennessee mortgage broker, their expertise can simplify the process of finding the best mortgage to suit your needs.

The minimum credit score required to buy a house in Tennessee varies by lender and the type of loan you are applying for. Generally, a score of 620 or above may be needed for conventional loans, while FHA loans might allow for lower scores with a higher down payment. It’s advisable to consult with a Tennessee mortgage broker near you for the most current requirements and advice tailored to your financial situation.

Mortgage broker and mortgage advisor are terms sometimes used interchangeably, but they can signify different roles. A mortgage advisor typically works within a specific bank or lending institution, offering advice on that institution’s products. 


A mortgage broker, however, works independently and can offer a broader range of mortgage options from various lenders, making them a valuable resource for finding competitive mortgage rates and terms. Engaging a broker can be particularly advantageous for those seeking tailored financial solutions.

Individuals turn to mortgage brokers for their expertise in navigating the complex mortgage market, their ability to access a wide array of mortgage products, and their skills in negotiating favorable terms with lenders. 


Brokers can save clients significant time and effort by sourcing and comparing various mortgage offers, making them especially useful for clients with unique financial situations or those looking for specific types of mortgages.

Opting for a broker over a bank can offer several benefits, including a wider selection of mortgage products and potentially more competitive rates. Brokers can compare offers from multiple lenders, providing a more comprehensive overview of your options. Their negotiation skills and personalized advice can be invaluable, especially for clients with specific needs or challenging financial profiles. Choosing to use a Tennessee mortgage broker can enhance your chances of finding the best mortgage solution tailored to your requirements.