Introducing The Mortgage Shop Academy, a place of knowledge and learning where we will guide you through our journey in loan investments, available exclusively to our clients.

Programs Offered

The Mortgage Shop Academy offers you four major programs to help you in your journey. From a thriving WhatsApp community to weekly content, organization material, and tax teaching lessons, the Academy is the best place for you to learn about mortgage and build your wealth.


A community chat where you can discuss with the CEO of The Mortgage Shop all questions that you have other than what you can discuss with your loan originator, ideas back and forth about your next deal, questions about inspections, seeing if anybody else is going through the same thing.


Weekly videos to educate you alongside your loan process so you will be ready to have a successful business by closing date.


Spreadsheets for organizing expenses so you make sure you are on track for income per month, checklists on having everything under one place to be able to run a successful short term rental or long term rental business without it getting confused with your personal income or assets.


4 licensed CPA courses that will help prepare you for tax season and choosing the right CPA (some CPAs have never worked with rental income before!!). These courses will include forms you need to file based on filing entity, marginal tax rates, and what rule(s) you need to pass to be able to do a cost seg or material participation.
• Short Term Rentals          • Long Term Rentals
• Material Participation      • Cost Segregation

And there's more

Together with all this amazing content, The Mortgage Shop Academy students will also receive: